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All WiFiRUSH server products are VERSION 4.8.0 - Packed with new features and many enhancements!

Posted on 3rd Jun 2010 @ 12:56 AM

We are very proud to announce that our WiFiRUSH server platform is now running version 4.8.0.

Here are just a few of the powerful new features and enhancements added to the system:

  • True MAC authentication and accounting
  • Customer auto-login
  • Improved customer notification and account information visibility
  • Improved login process
  • Bandwidth throttling of MAC authenticated users
  • Bandwidth Maximum capacity on MAC authenticated users
  • Improved system stability and resource management
  • Enhanced customer control of authorized devices
  • Improved system maintenance options
  • Enhanced job scheduling engine
  • Improved branding & customer experience options
  • Extended international currency support
  • Improved online session management
  • Improved reports and status paging
  • ** Many other system stability and usability improvements

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