WiFiRUSH Cooperative WiFi - Bridging the divide

Do you operate a shelter, low income housing / SRO community, or other supportive housing and think that wireless internet would benefit those in your residence? If so, please contact us to discuss the potential of installing WiFi through your facility at ABSOLUTLY NO COST.

More every day, our lives are lead online. We work, live, and play online. In fact, many times we are required to interact with local, state and federal agencies for compliance and benefits matters. Even our taxes are processed with the best expedience, if completed online.

This is why we have partnered with several supportive housing organizations in both the private and public sectors to provide WiFi internet services to those who had no affordable options before.

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check.pngWe install a high performance wireless network for FREE.

check.pngEnable customer centric internet access EVERYWHERE at your location!

check.pngAs many FREE access points it takes to cover every square foot of your guest space.

check.pngNo storage or floor space is required for installation.

check.pngWe are your internet technology & support partner, we handle everything from managing the installation project to supporting the end consumer.

check.pngNo operational costs, No headaches, & No surprises. Superstring Group manages the installation process from start to finish.


Meet the ever growing demand for Wi-Fi connectivity from smart devices, & tablets. Internet Access as an amenity or allow "self-service access" with a major credit card or provide access for free with registration via WiFiRUSH.

check.pngScale it quickly: Adding additional routers extends range and since any router can be plugged into the internet, you can add bandwidth where and when you need.